Message from Alliance College Dean,







On behalf of the faculty, administration, and staff of Alliance College (AC), I welcome you to visit our website. We are glad to become acquainted with you and to help you succeed in your research and educational journey with the College that was established by vibrant and visionary University Lecturers under the Motto of ‘Together we Empower the Generation.

The 2020/21 academic year will be undertaken during a period of unprecedented times. In spite of the uncertainty of this pandemic that will affect higher education institutions across the nation, Alliance College will remain flexible, dutiful, watchful, and continuous in our following the great grace upon our institution that has sustained it since its founding in 2019. As a college dean, I am confident that we will continue to move forward into a very bright future while building upon the foundation of the past few years under the wonderful leadership of our board president Dr. Mesfin Menza.

As the dean of Alliance College, it is my pleasure to share with you my vision of this institution. The College seeks academic excellence in all of its academic programs. Our major strength lies in a strong team of highly qualified faculty and dedicated staff to deliver first-class education.

In the fast-changing global situations, Alliance College has plans to strive to bring a global perspective to all its programs and activities. The latest technologies are employed for effective delivery and the curriculum emphasizes practice orientation in its entire curriculum. The college plans for global alliances with highly reputed academic organizations. We believe in preparing global leaders who believe in contributing to national and global society.

Alliance College has taken significant steps in pursuit of academic excellence. Some of the specific steps taken include recruitment of highly qualified faculty with a global perspective, designing the best innovative course curriculum, and starting the postgraduate programs to serve the community.

While we are happy with the accomplishments of Alliance College so far, our vision is to emerge as one of the major educational institutions with a global perspective. Thus, I welcome you to visit our campus in Arba Minch Town and interact with our students and faculty members to know more about the College and our activities.



Fasil Solomon.

College Dean