About Alliance College

Education is an indispensable tool to explore the world, to know it, and to make the best use of the resources that are given to this world. Developing countries, including Ethiopia, suffering from poverty because they didn’t capitalize wisdom to use their resources. Although Ethiopia is a large country with a population of over a hundred million it has limited formal education experience. Education expands the knowledge horizon of individuals and creates positive energy for development. The secret of the developed countries in the world lies in the expansion of quality education. Therefore, Alliance College has founded with a great vision to fill the country’s education gap in its part possible. This college has been established by well-educated university teachers from diverse disciplines.


The vision of Alliance College is to become one of the best pioneer and competent private higher education institutions in Ethiopia by the year 2029 G.C


Alliance College has been established to providing quality education & training for the citizens, to be engaging in rendering sufficient & sustainable community service, and conducting all-rounded demand-driven research at the local and national level.


  • Give priority to the customer
  • Paying attention to quality
  • Maintaining a strong team spirit
  • Practicing the habit of hard-working
  • Respecting others
  • Promote, protect and respect social norm and culture
  • Time conscious

Center of Excellence

Alliance College wants to excel in the following areas;

  • Technology: The college is dedicated to identifying technology-based information gaps, create information system platforms, and make it accessible to the rest of the people and be an exemplary institution by exhaustively applying new technology emerging around the world.
  • Research: Problems are common, these shortcomings will be alleviated by the extent of information that individuals or organizations possess. Accordingly, Alliance College wants to be the center of scientific research fabricate.
  • Entrepreneurship: The secret of every developed country to its state-of-art economy is creativity and innovation. Thus, Alliance College wants to be the center of work-incubation by empowering citizens to create things new.